30 Most Interesting Health Facts and Information For Fun

30 Most Interesting Health Facts and Information For Fun

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2. There are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells.

3. Depressed people get colds more frequently. Energetic, happy and relaxed individuals are immune to cold and flu.

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5. Eating too much meat can accelerate body’s biological aging.

6. Head loses heat at the same rate as any other body part.

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8. Laughter increases the activities of antibodies in the body by 20%, helping destroy viruses and tumor cells.

9. Blackberries help the brain retain new information.

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11. Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

12. Your weight can fluctuate by 2 to 5 pounds of water on any given day.

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14. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits may reduce risk of heart diseases, including stroke and heart attack.

15. 30-40% of UV still penetrates through cloud cover in overcast skies.

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17. Six pack abs indicate nothing about flexibility, strength, stamina, speed or overall health of a person.

18. Though it is cold and wet, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

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20. Women who use hormonal form of birth control are more likely to b diagnosed with depression than those who don’t.

21. Working after the age of 65 is linked to longer life, according to studies.

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23. Just 1 day of excess sitting affects your body’s ability to process insulin, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes.

24. 5% of adults are suffering from diabetes. It is almost twice as much as it was in 1980.

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26. Drinking water can help someone in losing weight. It increases the rate at which our body breaks down our fat.

27. Chewing gum improves yours memory by 35%.

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29. Coffee a day can help you reduce risk of depression by 20%.

30. Sleeping for less than 7 hours a day can reduce life expectancy.

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