30 Very Interesting Zebras Facts and Fun Information

30 Very Interesting Zebras Facts and Fun Information

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2. Zebra coats are shiny and dissipate 70% of the incoming heat.

3. The zebra striped coat acts as a camouflage and helps it to disguise from the predators.

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5. The stripes on each zebra have different patterns. Just like human fingerprints and each snowflake.

6. The white and black zebra stripes act as the bug repellent on the zebra skin coat.

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8. Zebras have strong social bonds in their groups, and often groom each other using their teeth.

9. Zebra stallions curl their top lips to heighten their sense of smell, helping it to detect when a female is ready to mate.

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11. Tijuana Zebras are not zebras, but they are painted donkeys used in the towns of Mexico as a tourist gimmick.

12. Zebras are courageous animals and are not afraid to confront their predators. Their powerful kick can seriously injure its predator.

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14. Zebras weigh between 400 to 850 pounds, depending on the species. The Grevy’s zebra is the largest wild member of the horse family.

15. Zebras are found to mingle with antelope herds, as an extra protection against threat.


17. The word zebra comes from a Latin word “equiferus” which means “wild horse”.

18. Male zebras mature by the age of 5 or 6.

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20. Male zebras are 10% larger than females.

21. Zebras may sleep as much as 7 hours per day.

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23. Foals weight around 55 pounds at the time of their birth.

24. Different species of zebra cannot interbreed.

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26. After the foal is born to the mother zebra, it keeps the baby foal away from all the zebras for three days until it sense’s the voice, scent and appearance.

27. Zebras can see in color and they are one of the few mammals to see in color.

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29. There are three species of the zebras: Grevy’s, mountain and plains.

30. Jules Grevy, president of France was presented a zebra by Abyssinia Emperor in 1886. So, Grevy Zebra is named after Jules Grevy.

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