31 Fascinating Lion Facts and Very Interesting Information

31 Fascinating Lion Facts and Very Interesting Information

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2. Out of 8 male lions, only one male lion will survive to the adulthood because most of the male lions are abandoned from the lion’s pride at the age of two.

3.  3 or 4 league of male lions attack or kill the resident male lion and its cubs to form a new territory or a pride of their own.

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5. Lion’s bones have a huge demand for traditional medicine in Asia because tiger’s are being scarce.

6. Territory killings will make the lions in scarcity because it destroys the entire pride and losing the healthy genes of those lions.

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8. The weight of a healthy male lion will be 400 to 500 pounds and stretch up to 10 feet.

9. The weight of a healthy female lion will be 250 to 350 pounds and can bare 8 to 9 cubs at once with more than 50 cubs during its lifetime.

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11. The most endangered species for the humans is the mosquitos with 725,000 deaths per year and the hippos kill 500 people per year and then comes the lions with 100 deaths per year.

12. In Africa, Tanzania has the highest lion population.

13. Usually a lion’s pride consists of 15 lions and male elder lion.

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15. Of all the big cats, lion is the most social species.

16. Lions are being portrayed in most famous literature works such as Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia, the Cowardly lion in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and a symbol representing the Gryffindor house in the Harry Potter Franchise.

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18. Lion’s night vision is six times better than the humans.

19. The lion’s bite is the weakest of the big cat’s family with 600 psi, i.e. equal to 30 times greater than the normal household cat bite.

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21. From the big cat’s family, only lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars can roar, but the loudest are the lion’s roar.

22. A lion’s roar can travel up to 5 miles (8 km) and the tiger’s roar can travel only 2 miles (3 km).

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24. There are two bronze lions were placed on the north and south side of the Chicago Art Institute. The north lion is called “On the Prowl” and the south lion is called “In an Attitude of Defiance”.

25. From the big cat’s family, the male lions are the only species that appear different from their female lions.

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27. Lions can reach up to 50 mph during a chase, but only in a straight line. So, lions usually seek to its prey closer before it chases.

28. At the entrance of the New York public library there are two majestic lions standing a guard that portrays the New Yorkers braveness during the 1930’s great depression. So, the lion’s names are given as Patience and Fortitude.

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30. Lions usually wonder and live in grasslands and plains, but they are known as the “king of the jungle”.

31. A Hundred years ago in Africa their use to live 200,000 lions, but now only 15,000 to 32,000 lions left on the whole planet.

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