31 Very Interesting Earth Day Facts and Rare Information

31 Very Interesting Earth Day Facts and Rare Information

03 @ Earth Day Facts

2. The UN officially renamed Earth Day as the International Mother Earth Day in 2009.

3. In 2000, Internet was for the first time used as a principle-organizing tool to celebrate Earth Day.

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5. Earth Day Network works towards increasing the awareness about recycling, planting trees and fighting against global warming and climate change.

6. Earth Day Flag is also known as Ecology Flag.

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8. 10,000 Earth Day events are hosted around the world by Earth Day Network members.

9. 2,000 colleges and 10,000 primary and secondary schools participated in the first Earth Day event.

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11. 1 in every 4 mammals is at the risk of extinction.

12. Earth Day led to the passage of Clean Air Act, the water Quality Improvement Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

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14. Recycling rate has increased from 10% in 1980 to over 34% in 2011.

15. 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are resulted from deforestation.

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17. Earth Day originally originated from US but by 1990, it was recognized worldwide.

18. Disney has released a documentary film called Earth on Earth Day 2009, about the migration paths of four animal families.

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20. Earth Day is celebrated by men, women and children by collecting garbage, cleaning coral reeds, showing movie, planting trees, signing petition, and planning for a better future for our planet.

21. Over 100,000 people rode bikes in China on Earth Day 2012, to reduce CO2 emission and save fuel.

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23. The Earth Day Network planted 28 million trees in Afghanistan on Earth Day in 2011.

24. 100 endangered species of orchids are planted and maintained in Panama, to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day.

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26. 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day.

27. Earth Day Network is a global coordinator for Earth Day.

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29. Nelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton in 1995, for being the founder of Earth Day.

30. Earth is the densest planet in the solar system.

31. 70% of the earth is covered with water.

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