34 Most Fascinating Blue Whales Facts and Useful Information

34 Most Fascinating Blue Whales Facts and Useful Information

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2. A human being can easily swim through the major arteries of a Blue Whale.

3. The blue whales in Arctic and Antarctic waters have yellow diatoms (Microscopic Algae) stick to the underbodies, that gives them the nickname as “Sulfur Bottom”.

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5. Blue Whale is considered as the largest creature on the planet.

6. The weight of Blue Whale’s tongue is more than that of an elephant.

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8. The Blue Whale feeds on small animals such as krill (shrimp like invertebrates).

9. Blue Whale consumes 36,000 kg of Krill i.e. 40 million Krill or more than 8,000 lbs per day.

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11. Blue whale swims with a speed of 5 m/h and can reach over 30 m/h.

12. Blue whale is the loudest animal on Earth, though it is not audible to humans as its frequency does not fall in the range of hearing.

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14. Blue whale communicates with low frequency pluses, groans and moans.

15. A Blue Whale can catch the frequency, from a distance of 1,600 km.

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17. Blue whale uses its vocal frequency not only to communicate but also to sonar-navigate in the dark deep ocean.

18. Today, there are 10,000 to 25,000 Blue Whale’s present in the oceans.

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20. A fully grown Blue Whale weighs around 180 tons with a length of over 100 ft.

21. A Blue Whale is actually grayish blue in color until it is fully submerged under the water, and then it appears to be blue in color.

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23. A baby Blue Whale measures around 25 ft, which is as big as a killer whale, the largest marine mammal in the Dolphin species.

24. The life expectancy of a healthy Blue Whale is around 70 to 90 years.

25. The Blue Whale can hold its breath for 35 minutes and usually holds it while in search of food.

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27. 50% of the Blue Whale’s brain will be working even while they are sleeping.

28. A Blue Whale swims while it is sleeping.

29. A Blue Whale’s call frequency can reach up to 190 decibels, while the loudest rock music sound produces up to 150 decibels.

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31. A Baby Blue Whale weighs 3 tons and measures around 25 ft long.

32. A baby Blue Whale consumes 100 gallons of milk each day and puts on 200 pounds per day i.e. 9 pounds per hour.

33. A Blue Whale’s heartbeat can be heard from 2 miles away and its heart rate is one beat per every ten seconds.

34. There are four types of Blue Whale species found in the oceans including the Indian Ocean Blue Whale, Antarctic Blue Whale, Northern Blue Whale and Pygmy Blue Whale.

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