34 Popular Love Sayings and Quotes For Him

34 Popular Love Sayings and Quotes For Him

Love Sayings 32

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

Love Sayings 26

Do Not Be Small Minded. Do Not Pray For Gourds And Pumpkins From God

Love Sayings 31

We Are Not The Same Persons This Year As Last; Nor Are Those We Love. It Is A Happy Chance If We, Changing

Love Sayings 35

I Love You The More In That I Believe You Had Liked Me For My Own Sake

Love Sayings 19

I’m Hurt I’m Alone I’m Depressed I Cry Myself To Sleep and I Hate Myself All Because Of You.

Love Sayings 22

God’s Love for Me Is Perfect Because It’s Based On Him Not On Me.

Love Sayings 01

For Every Day, I Miss You. For Every Hour. I Need You. For Every Minute, I Feel You.

Love Sayings 34

I Have Found The Paradox, That If You Love Until It Hurts , There Can Be No More Hurt Only More Love

Love Sayings 30

We Love The Things We Love For What They Are.

Love Sayings 21

Shout I Want To Have Faith And Never Doubt. I Want To Bend, I Want To Break, To Sleep and Never Wake.

Love Sayings 18

You Are Heady As Wine Classy As Champagne I Thank God You Are Mine, Come Rain Or Shine

Love Sayings 33

My Night Has Become A Sunny Dawn Because Of You

Love Sayings 20

I Fell In Love The Way You Fall Asleep, Slowly And Then All At Once.

Love Sayings 17

Alone When I Was Born, Alone When I’m To Die But If I Get To Spend All The Time In Between With You

Love Sayings 07

When I Miss You I Read Our Old Conversations Smile Like An Idiot Listen To Songs

Love Sayings 13

I Swear, By My Life And My Love Of It, That I Will Never Live For The Sake of Another

Love Sayings 12

Realize Things Before It’s Too Late Love People Before You Lose Them. Life Comes Just Once.. Love It While You Love It.

Love Sayings 24

I Used To Love Him Screw It I Still Do Cause Love Never Dies But It Can Kill You

Love Sayings 09

Two Souls with But A Single Thought Two hearts That Beat As One

Love Sayings 08

I Am The Tea Bag And You Are My Cup Of Hot Water Being Drenched In You Brings Out The Best In Me..

Love Sayings 27

If You Love Something Let It Go, If It Comes Back To You It’s Yours. If It Doesn’t It Never Was, and It’s Not Meant To Be

Love Sayings 15

Boy Mom Tip Love Your Son For Who God Created Him To Be Even If That Is Loud Rough And Stinky.

Love Sayings 28

Love Is The Magician That Pulls Man Out Of His Own Hat.

Love Sayings 16

I Don’t Need The Whole World To LOve Me Just You

Love Sayings 23

My Love For You Has No End And I Will Keep On Loving You Till My Last Breath, Love You A Lot.

Love Sayings 06

I Wasn’t Planning On Loving You, but I’m Happy That I Did.

Love Sayings 10

Those Who Love Deeply Never Grow Old; They but May die of old age

Love Sayings 25

First With Love In Fell I You Was It Birds Singing And Skies Setting With Words With Love In Fell In Before.

Love Sayings 29

Passion Makes The world Go Around. Love Just Makes It A Safer Place

Love Sayings 11

I Love You Not Just For Who You Are But Also For How You Make Me Feel

Love Sayings 02

I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love But You Made It So Easy

Love Sayings 04

You Never Fail To Amaze Me. Everyday There Is Something New That Makes Me Love You Even

Love Sayings 14

I Loved You Yesterday I Love You Still I Always Have I Always Will

Love Sayings 03

I Love It When I Catch You Looking At Me

Love Sayings 05

Falling In Love Is So Hard On The Knees

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