36 Animal Abuse and Cruelty Facts and Information

36 Animal Abuse and Cruelty Facts and Information

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2. 10,000 bulls die every year in bull fights.

3. Most of the 6 million horses serving the U.S. military during WWI died.

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5. 71% of the domestic violence victims report that they abuser has also abused their animals.

6. More than 100 million sharks, ray fish and other sea animals that are caught unintentionally by fishing trolleys are thrown back in water badly injured.

7. More than 25 to 100 million vertebrates of which that are closely relative to man are used for animal testing in U.S.

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9. Each year thousands of greyhounds die, some due to selective breeding. Many dogs don’t even make it to the retirement age of 4 or 5.

10. 90% of broiler chicken i.e. chicken meant for meat production have trouble walking due to genetic manipulation.

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12. After the Civil War, dog fighting became prevalent in U.S., with professional pits seen in the 1860s. It was a source of entertainment for police officers and firemen.

13. 5% of the animal abuse cases involve dogs.

14. Every year about 66,000 dogs and 21,000 cats are subjected to testing.

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16. 43 of the 50 states have a zero tolerance policy against animal cruelty, and would convict someone on a first time offense.

17. More than 2 million cats and dogs are killed for their fur.

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19. Over 100 million invertebrates are used for lab testing.

20. 15 million warm blooded animals are tortured in the laboratories worldwide.

21. Nearly 250,000 animals per year have become victims of hoarders.

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23. A 40 inch fur coat takes around 60 mink, 30 to 400 chinchilla, 50 muskrats, 40 raccoons, 20 foxes, 18 lynx, 35 rabbits, 8 seals, or 15 beavers.

24. Animals killed for fur are killed around 6 months old. And they are kept in tiny cages in winter to encourage the development of thickest coats possible.

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26. Between 0.1% and 1% of the 10 billion land animals transported to slaughter each year die in transit in U.S.

27. Shark fin soup which is around $200 per servings, and the business kills 100 million sharks per year.

28. More than 1 billion bees are traditionally exterminated every year by honey industry. At the end of the season, it is not worthwhile for farmers to winterize the hives, so they burn them and begin again next season.

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30. The Food Drug and Cosmetics Act was passed requiring animal testing of certain drugs and chemicals to make sure they were safe for humans. Following WWII, the use of medical and scientific research on animals exploded.

31. Puppy mills are facilities that breed puppies in inferior conditions and sell them in commercial markets. There are more than 5,000 puppy mills in U.S.

32. The most common form of dog abuse is either abuse or neglect.

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34. There are more than 6,000 cases of dog abuse that occur every year.

35. 4 to 5 million animals die every year in shelters.

36. Chaining dogs is legal in most areas; it is one of the cruelest punishments to animals.

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