36 Most Beautiful Love Quotations For Her

36 Most Beautiful Love Quotations For Her

Love Quotes 35

A Person Who Truly Loves You Is Someone Who Sees The Pain In Your Eyes While Everyone Else Believe In The Smile On Your Face

Love Quotes 33

The First The Second Or Maybe The Third I Do Not Care About Your Past As Long As Your Promise Me That I Will Be Your Last.

Love Quotes 36

Love Is Like War… Easy To Start,Difficult To Finish & Impossible To Forget

Love Quotes 34

Love Is Who We Are It Is Our Beginning And Our End Everything Else In Between

Love Quotes 32

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday But Not As Much As Tomorrow

Love Quotes 31

You Come To Love Not By Finding The Perfect Person, But By Seeing An Imperfect Person Perfectly

Love Quotes 30

You Touched My Heart You Touched My Soul You Changed My Life & All My Goals

Love Quotes 29

I Do Not Want To Change Anything In You, I Love You The Way You Are.

Love Quotes 28

To Refuse To Let Their Life Slip Away… Write To Save Another Day… Love Is The Movement..

Love Quotes 27

Dance Like No One Is Watching and Love Like It Will Never Hurt.

Love Quotes 26

To My Deaf Wife… From The Moment I Married You Love And Happiness Abound. All That Surrounds Me In Beauty

Love Quotes 25

Sometimes All You Need Is A Hug From The Right Person and All Your Stress Will Melt Away.

Love Quotes 24

Once I Am In Love, It Is Never Over. I May Move On As I Have To But I Will Always Carry The Remains Of That Lov

Love Quotes 23

Love Is Great and Possible, Always But It’s Very Rare To Have The Feeling That I Want To Be With Perso

Love Quotes 22

In My Life I Love You More….

Love Quotes 21

The Best Love Is The Kind That Awakens The Soul; That Makes Us Reach For More, Thats Plants The Fore In Our Hearts

Love Quotes 20

My Love Story Must End In Your Arms. It Should Continue With Your Smile, Have Its Ups With Your Love and Downs With The Distance.

Love Quotes 19

The First Time I Saw You, My Heart Whispered thats The One

Love Quotes 18

Love Is Love no Matter What Love Knows No Gender Love sees No Boundaries

Love Quotes 17

They Do Not Love That Do Not Show Their Love. The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.

Love Quotes 16

No Matter How Much Time I Spend With You I Can Never Get Enough Of You Your Love Is Forever Mine

Love Quotes 15

Husband Love Your Wives Well! Your Children Are Noticing How You Treat Her. You Are Teaching Your Sons How They Should Treat Women

Love Quotes 14

A Girl Crying Over A Guy Is Normal But If A Guy Cries For A Girl, She Means More To Him Than Anyone Ever Will

Love Quotes 13

Her Eyes Have Their Own Vocabulary What A Beautiful Language To Learn.

Love Quotes 12

I Would Rather Have Had One Breath Of Her Hair, One Kiss From Her Mouth

Love Quotes 11

Love Is When You Would Give Up Your Whole World, Give Up Your Life, Your Everything Just To Make Sure That Person You Love Is Okk

Love Quotes 10

Whenever You’re Having A Bad Day Remember This I Love You

Love Quotes 09

To Love Is Nothing To Be Loved Is Something But To Love and Be Loved Is Everything

Love Quotes 08

Falling In Love With You Is The Moment I Got A Cause To Fight For And A Reason To Love For

Love Quotes 07

I Give Her All My Love That’s All I Do And If You Saw My Love You’d Love Her Too Love

Love Quotes 06

A Girl Can Be Your Best Friend Wife Worst Enemy

Love Quotes 05

I’m Hard Person To Love. But When I Love I Love Really Hard

Love Quotes 04

I Love You In A Way That No One Loves You, Or Has Loved You, Or Will Love You

Love Quotes 03

My Heart Is Most Beautiful Because I Kept You In My Heart

Love Quotes 02

I’m Amazed When I Look At You. Not Just Because Of Your Looks But Because Of The Fact That Everything I’ve Ever

Love Quotes 01

If You Just Give Me A Small Chance I Will Prove It To You That I Will Be One Of The Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make

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