40 Fascinating and Most Interesting Facts About The Deserts

40 Fascinating and Most Interesting Facts About The Deserts

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2. Sand from the Sahara is blown to Amazon Rainforest along with the wind. It actually fertilizes at the rainforest.

3. Antarctica is the largest cold desert on Earth.

4. In six hours world’s deserts receive more energy form the sun than humans consume in a year.

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6. Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth.

7. Atacama Desert is home to the largest ground telescope in the world, ALMA.

8. Desert actually means an abandoned place.

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10. 20% of the Earth’s desert is covered in sand.

11. There are polar deserts in Arctic and Antarctic. It is a region free of ice.

12. A desert is an area that receives the lowest rainfall.

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14. Deserts receive less than 40 cm of rainfall in a year.

15. Gobi desert in Asia is very cold.

16. Temperature at Sahara desert can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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18. Google hires a camel to get the street view of the desert.

19. Every year about 46,000 square miles of arable land turn to desert due to climate change and deforestation.

20. Areas covered in snow are called as cold deserts sometimes, compared to hot deserts in warmer areas.

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22. Desert plants have padded leaves that store water during drought.

23. Sahara Desert is expanding at the rate of 30 miles per year.

24. There are oases in deserts; it is a wet area where there is a river or pond.

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26. Camels can go without water for a week. A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes.

27. Mojave Desert is home to Death Valley, it is the lowest, driest and hottest place in North America.

28. Sand deserts in Alaska have sand dunes that are over 150 feet or 45 m high.

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30. Some sand dunes in Sahara Desert reach up to 400 feet, which is more than Statue of Liberty.

31. The major deserts are Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, Gobi desert, and Kalahari Desert.

32. Sahara spans over 12 countries.

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34. The second largest hot desert is the Arabian Desert on Earth.

35. Atacama Desert in South America is the driest place in the world.

36. Deserts have very low humidity.

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38. Despite extreme condition in deserts, it is home to various plants including cacti and shrubs.

39. There is annual marathon held in Sahara Desert, it is called the Marathon des Sables. It is a 6 day 156 mile trek through the sands.

4. Desertification threatens livelihood of more than 1 billion people in 110 countries.

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