42 Popular Love Sayings and Quotations Collection

42 Popular Love Sayings and Quotations Collection

Love Sayings 40

I Am Permanently In Love With You, Always And Forever

Love Sayings 39

I’ll Hold You In My Heart Til I Can old You In My Arms

Love Sayings 38

Love Is Not What The Mind Thinks But What The Heart Feels

Love Sayings 37

There’s Only 1 Thing 2 Do 3 Words 4 You

Love Sayings 36

The First The Second Or Maybe The Third I Do Not Care About Your Past As Long As You Promise Me That I Will Be Your Last

Love Sayings 35

To Refuse To Let Their Life Slip Away Write To Save Another Day

Love Sayings 34

The Grand Essentials Of Happiness Are Something To Do, Something To LOve, And SOmething To Hope For

Love Sayings 33

You Give Me The Type Of Feeling People Write Novels About

Love Sayings 32

I Have Found That If You Love Life, Like Will Love You Back.

Love Sayings 31

I Loved You I Love You I Will Love You Forever

Love Sayings 30

Dear Him Myself I Didn’t Love You That It Was All In My Head But Today You Came Up To Me Caught Me Off Guard

Love Sayings 29

If There Ever Comes A Day When We Can’t Be Together, Keep Me In Your Heart I’ll Stay There Forever

Love Sayings 28

You know You Are In Love When You Can’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Better Than Your Dreams.

Love Sayings 27

Your Amazing Just The Way You Are

Love Sayings 26

I’m Not A Perfect Girl. I’ll Annoy You Piss You Off, Say Stupid Stuff, And Then Take It Back

Love Sayings 25

I Might Have Erased Your Texts But I Will Never Forget What You Wrote

Love Sayings 24

Failure Is Not Falling Down But Refusing To Stand Back Up

Love Sayings 23

If You Were Happy Before You Knew Someone You Can Be Happy After They’re Gone

Love Sayings 22

Love Is Most Weak When There Is More Doubt Then There Is Trust But Love Is Most Strong When You Learn To Trust

Love Sayings 21

Love Is What You Feel When You

Love Sayings 20

A Girl Was Asked The Meaning Of Love She Smiled And Replied

Love Sayings 19

No Girl Believes She’s Beautiful Until A Guy Comes Along And Makes Her Feel Like She Is

Love Sayings 18

I Will Always Care For You, Even If We’re Not Together And Even

Love Sayings 17

Every Moment I Spent With You.. Is Like A Beautiful Dream Come True

Love Sayings 16

When I Saw You I Fell In Love, And You Smiled Because You Knew.

Love Sayings 15

If You Truly Love Someone Accept Theor Past And Leave It There!

Love Sayings 14

Forever Is A Long Time. But I Wouldn’t Mind Spending It By Your Side

Love Sayings 13

You yed You Need To Stop Being So Adorable

Love Sayings 12

You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I See You!

Love Sayings 11

My Heart Has You Always On Its Mind But My Mind Doesn’t Have The Heart To Tell You.

Love Sayings 10

Love Took Slow Steps Towards Your Heart!

Love Sayings 09

Not Everyone You Love Is Going To Love You Back, That’s Why It’s Important To Love Yourself

Love Sayings 08

I See You With My Heart Not With My Eyes

Love Sayings 07

Love Is What You Feel When You Hear Anything But

Love Sayings 06

It Is Hard To Tell Your Mind To Stop Loving Someone If Your Heart Still Does.

Love Sayings 05

Him His Smile.His Eyes. His Voice.His Laugh. His Warmth. His Existence Him

Love Sayings 04

A Kiss Is A Lovely Trick Designed By Nature To Stop Speech When Words Become Super

Love Sayings 03

The Sun Is Up The Sky Is Blue Its Beautiful and So Are You

Love Sayings 02

Love You Till The Moon And Back

Love Sayings 01

Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite

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