56 Famous Love Quotes and Quotations Collection

56 Famous Love Quotes and Quotations Collection

Love Quotes 44

All You Need Is Love Love Is All You Need.

Love Quotes 55

Hand In Hand Together This Love Will Be

Love Quotes 54

A Pure And True Loveis You Can To Hope

Love Quotes 53

Love Is The Only Forle Capable Of

Love Quotes 52

And I’d Choose You; In A Hundred Lifetimes.,In A Hundred Worlds,

Love Quotes 51

Love Is A Game Of A Tic-Tac-Toe

Love Quotes 50

We Loved With A Love That Was More Than Love

Love Quotes 49

The Strongest Love Is The Love That Can

Love Quotes 48

I Love You Exactly As You Are.

Love Quotes 46

There Is Nothing More Truly Artistic Than To Love People

Love Quotes 45

When You Know My Love, My Love Will Warm You

Love Quotes 43

Pure Love Produces Pure

Love Quotes 42

Love Is Not FInding Someone To Love With It’s Finding Someone You Can’t Live Without.

Love Quotes 41

Only In The Eyes Of Love You Can Find Infinity.

Love Quotes 40

There Is Always Something Left To Love

Love Quotes 39

We Are Born Of Love Love Is Our Mother.

Love Quotes 38

I’m Jealous Of People Who Get To See You Every Day

Love Quotes 37

If You’re Smart You Care and If You Care You Love

Love Quotes 36

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return.

Love Quotes 35

When The Scientists Of The Future Show Up At My House With

Love Quotes 34

If You Came To Me With A Face I Have Not Seen

Love Quotes 33

Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent.

Love Quotes 32

Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey

Love Quotes 31

Women Fall In Love Quicker Than Men. Easier And More Often But When Guys Fall?

Love Quotes 30

There Are Hundreds Of Languages Around The World, But A Smile Speaks Them All.

Love Quotes 29

There Is A Place You Can Touch A Woman That Will Drive Her Crazy. Her Heart.

Love Quotes 28

Support Time Kindness Listening Ear Understanding Love Hugs

Love Quotes 27

We Need Not Think To Love Alike

Love Quotes 26

Love Conquers All.

Love Quotes 25

Unless You Love Someone Nothing Else Makes Any Sense.

Love Quotes 24

It Is Love Alone That Gives Worth To All Things

Love Quotes 23

I Really Just Want To Be Warn Yellow Light That Pours Over Everyone I Love.

Love Quotes 22

Spring Is When You Feel Like Whistling Even With A Shoe Full Of Slush.

Love Quotes 21

It’s Better To Have Nobody Than To Have Someone Who Is Half There, Or Doesn’t Want To Be There

Love Quotes 20

It Was Brave It Was Rare It Was Love And It Was Beautiful.

Love Quotes 19

Time Has No Dominion Over Love. Love Is The One Thing That Transcends Time.

Love Quotes 18

To Love And Win Is The Best Thing To Love And Lose The Next Best.

Love Quotes 17

Love Is The Greatest Refreshment In Life.

Love Quotes 16

Love Is The Magician That Pulls Man Out Of His Own Hat.

Love Quotes 15

One Of The Best Things In The World When Someone You Love Holds Your Hand.

Love Quotes 14

Love Is Friendship Set On Fire.

Love Quotes 13

Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.

Love Quotes 12

A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine and Man Cannot Live Without Love.

Love Quotes 11

True Love Is Choosing The Many Things A Person Did Right Rather Than The One Thing He Did Wrong.

Love Quotes 10

My Husband Has Made Me Laugh. Wiped My Tears Hugged Me Tight. Watched Me Succeed. Seen Me Fail. Kept Me Strong.

Love Quotes 09

Before I Met You, I Never Knew  What It Was Like To Be Able To Look At Someone And Smile For No Reason.

Love Quotes 08

Waiting Is A Sign Of True Love And Patience. Anyone Can Say I Love You, But Not Everyone Can Wait And Prove It’s True.

Love Quotes 07

Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen. They Take Time, Patience, and Two People Who Truly

Love Quotes 06

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday, But Not As Much As Tomorrow.

Love Quotes 05

Real Men Don’t Love The Most Beautiful Girl In The World They Love The Girl Who Can Make Their World The Most Beautiful

Love Quotes 04

You Own My Heart.

Love Quotes 03

At Some Point You Have To Realize That Some People Can Stay In Your Heart But Not In You Life.

Love Quotes 02

You Know The Difference Between Promises And Memories? We Break Promises: Memories Break Us.

Love Quotes 01

Every Day And Night My Mind Is Filled With Thoughts Of You As Long As The Sun Continues To Shine, You Can Be Sure That My Heart Will Remain Yours

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